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<aside> <img src="/icons/info-alternate_orange.svg" alt="/icons/info-alternate_orange.svg" width="40px" /> *This page is dedicated to reimagining the Employment Contract and the Process of Contracting. We consider it as work ‘Between the Rules’ - work that doesn’t radically reimagine how we organise and govern, but that enables a step forward within the existing system of rules we are embedded in.

The prevalent, typical form of the employment contract has codified a particular version of relationship between ‘employer’ and ‘employee’. Organising together for alternative, viable futures requires us to relationship in different ways, centring care, responsibility, agency, reciprocity, collective liberation. This project explores how we can take steps whilst working within the existing legal frameworks of employment law to encode alternative relationships into our Employment Contracts and their associated processes.*


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About our work in this area


Why focus on employment contracts?


The Employment Contract Peer Group


Guidance on using this portal


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Alternative employment contract example

An open-source example for making employment contracts for trusting, generative employment relationships that enable systemic organising.

Contract Example, Notes & Annotations

Reimagining Contract Terms

A breakdown of typical terms of an employment contract, reasons for the conventional approach, and ideas for reimagining them.

Employment Contracts: Reimagining Terms

Reimagining Contract-ing as a Process

The process of agreeing a contract is a practice of relationship building. This database shares how various contract-ing processes they are conventionally run and how they can be done differently.

Employment Contract(ing): Reimagining Processes




Case Studies

This database contains examples and ideas from across the peer group of alternative contracting processes and contract terms.

Reimagining Terms: Case Studies

Reimagining Processes: Examples

Contract formats and design

This database contains examples of alternative formats and design approaches for contracts (including visual contracts) with legal, design, and operational considerations for their use.

Formats and design: examples & templates

Events and conversations

Group sessions that helped create this work:

🗨️ Employment contracts Beyond the Rules Peer Group 2022

🗨️ Healing Justice Labs Rehearsing Freedoms Practice Lab: Radical employment contracts workshops 2022

Events coming up

None currently planned.

Events Archive

In this section we'll be sharing recordings and notes from events.

<aside> <img src="/icons/calendar-day_green.svg" alt="/icons/calendar-day_green.svg" width="40px" /> Employment Contract-ing Event (22 February 2023)

Employment Contract-ing #BetweenTheRules - Launch Re-Cap

[Archived] Save the Date: Employment Contract-ing #BetweenTheRules - Launch


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