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<aside> <img src="/icons/info-alternate_green.svg" alt="/icons/info-alternate_green.svg" width="40px" /> *This page is dedicated to alternative forms of Funding and Partnership Agreements, reflecting shared commitment and accountability to a mission with balanced power and mutual responsibilities. It explores both bi-lateral and multi-lateral (many-to-many) partnerships and the contracts formed between them.

The traditional Funding Agreement has codified a particular version of relationship between ‘funder’ and ‘fundee’ - often one that is bilateral and embedded in the concept of charity, creating accountability to money and those who provide it and an onus on those who receive it in ways that undermine (among other things) how they can create value towards the mission it is intended for.

Organising together for alternative, viable futures requires us to relationship in broader multi-party collectives, centring care and accountability for the shared mission, mutual responsibility and emergence. This portal explores some of the contractual arrangements that can help to reinforce these approaches, within the existing legal frameworks.

We consider it as work ‘Between the Rules’ - work that doesn’t radically reimagine how we organise and govern, but that enables a step forward within the existing system of rules we are embedded in.*


<aside> <img src="/icons/error_red.svg" alt="/icons/error_red.svg" width="40px" /> Disclaimer: The materials in our portal are not intended to be legal or other professional advice. Please read the full disclaimer here.


About this work


Why funding and partnership agreements?


📝 The Case for Many-to-Many Agreements [coming in 2023]


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Bilateral Funding Agreement Playbook

An example playbook containing alternative approaches to the typical terms contained in a bi-lateral Funding agreement which enable systemic work for public benefit.

Bilateral Funding Agreement Example Playbook


Many-to-many agreements: resources [coming in 2023]

Agreements for multiple parties moving (multiple sources and forms of) resource together towards a shared public outcome.


Other partnership agreement resources [coming in 2023]

Other examples, processes, contracts and inspiration.

Events Archive

In this section we'll be sharing recordings and notes from events.

<aside> <img src="/icons/calendar-day_green.svg" alt="/icons/calendar-day_green.svg" width="40px" /> Funding Agreement Playbook Event (23 March 2023) 🔖 Launch Re-Cap - Funding Agreement Playbook Example #BetweenTheRules


Enablers: Support Organisations, Funders, and Contacts


Bates Wells

A B-Corp Law Firm with a specialist Charity department, including partnership agreement expertise that supported this work.

Thank you!

The work shared here has been made possible by contributions of time, energy, knowledge, insight and imagination by a number of people who we would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank:

Lankelly Chase - for funding and co-shaping this work generously and supportive, and for providing many examples that we drew upon

Angela Tang - who took the role of Legal Operations throughout this work and made much of it possible

Bates Wells - and in particular David Hunter, for the specialist legal input to test our approach to particular issues during the development of this Playbook.

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Last updated: 12th September 2022

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